About Us

Our Mission

At Applied Science Nutrition, our mission is to help people apply science to nutrition. We provide effective and natural supplements for individuals who are in the pursuit of having a healthier and happier life.

Our goal is to use only academically substantiated information in all of our products. In an industry that’s tainted with synthetic and human-made substances, we ensure the integrity of our products by using academically researched ingredients that nature has to offer.

Our Company

Applied Science Nutrition is part of the MZF Group of Health and Wellness Companies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide every individual with all-natural, superlative products that work with the body in the most beneficial way. We envision living in a sustainable world with:

Our Values

  • High-Quality Products

Adhere to product development criteria, providing healthy options for natural and chemical-free supplements.

  • Trust

Act with integrity — not just amongst company staff and business partners, but to every individual seeking a healthier life. We foster an honest environment where every voice is heard.

  • Health Education

Encourage informed health and lifestyle choices, demonstrating all the impacts of different health views, fitness behavior, and various products on personal health.

  • Consumer-focused

We go the extra mile to provide excellence in all aspects of the business. We welcome customer feedback and anticipate differences in health individual health needs to continuously improve our products and services.

  • Innovation and Technology

Proactively identify and utilize all sources of information for applying Science to all products, and be the drivers of change in the health industry.

  • Ethical Business Practices

We keep up with the highest standards and moral principles at every touchpoint — from product research, sales, to interaction with suppliers, employees, and consumers.

  • Financial responsibility

Offer and provide products in an affordable manner.

Our Team Members

Mike Zhang (M.ASc) - Founder

Mike Zhang is the founder of the MZF Group. He graduated from the University of Toronto on the dean's list with a Masters Degree in science. Mike was a two time National Muay Thai Champion, and a strength and conditioning coach to several learned athletes. He has over 14 years of experience as a Muay Thai Coach.

Debbie Anderson - Product Manager

Debbie is the head product manager and true inspiration behind many of Applied Science’s formulations. After an amazing weight loss transformation, Debbie has devoted her expertise to the health and wellness space and impacted thousands of women with her story. Her goal is to help millions of people within Applied Science products.

Marissa Anderson - Marketing

Marissa is a former top trainer and wellness expert. She specializes in female weight loss and nutrition coaching. Marissa and her mother Debbie joined forces to run a successful training business and to formulate a solution that changed the lives of thousands of women. Her passion for healthy living made her the brains behind Applied Science marketing.

Marley Escona - Project Manager

Marijune Tiamzon - Content Manager

With nearly five years of experience in the medical field, Marijune holds a registered nurse license and a mental health nurse practitioner license. As an avid researcher-writer, she is most passionate about sharing her acquired knowledge in the medical field, teaching readers on how to improve and enjoy life to the fullest. She is an adventurous young professional, and her hobbies include diving, windsurfing, and saber fencing.

Dr. Aimee Huges - Naturopath

Aimee is an advanced yogi (21 years) and mindfulness enthusiast. After earning her B.A. in French from Tulane University and then Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) credentials from Clayton College, she has gone on to pen more than 500 holistic health and spirituality articles for a number of worldwide publications, including Gaia TV, DOYOUYOGA, "The South African Journal of Natural Medicine," "OnFitness" magazine, "Longevity Times," Yogapedia.com and more. Aimee has also authored a self-published vegan cookbook titled, "The Sexy Vegan Kitchen: Culinary Adventures in Love & Sex," available on Amazon.