What is Detoxifying: All You Need To Know About Detox

What is Detoxifying All You Need To Know About Detox

Detoxification is an age-old practice passed from one generation to another. However, the objective has always remained the same despite the time difference or way of doing it. So what is detoxifying?

What is Detoxifying

A detox diet is a precise way of living and usually eating for a given time that serves to speed up the cleansing process. However, it is essential to note detoxing is tailored explicitly towards toxins removal, while a detoxing diet could be observed for a lifetime. 

Importance of Detoxification

You are likely to come across a selection of experts who believe the body can detoxify without any form of external assistance, and they are correct. However, the assumption holds if you restrict yourself to eating healthy and working out regularly. Additionally, you will come across others who believe diet detoxing is the best way of getting rid of toxins from the body. Such recommendations range from fasting, use of water only fasts, eating specific foods, and use of natural juices. Also, some recommend going slow on carbs and eating more fruits and vegetables for a month or two. 

Our digestive system take loads of different food substances and chemicals daily; as such, we have to take the task of cleaning up the dirt to keep the body healthy. The gastrointestinal pathway needs regular clean up to prevent future health complications as accumulated toxins pause a severe health challenge. Such toxins expose our body cells to the risk of mutating and becoming cancerous. For that reason, the importance of a natural blood cleanser cannot be ignored or taken lightly. 

Many health professionals support the idea of detoxing the body either on a short-term basis while observing a long-term detox diet plan. Additionally, eating organic and nutritious foods is vital to achieving the long-term goals of detoxing. However, expectant and breastfeeding moms should avoid fasting. It is essential to consult your doctor before changing your diet drastically, especially those on medication. As such, the question of what is detoxifying can be said to be sufficiently answered. 

How to Start a Detox Diet Plan

Starting a detox diet plan is a simple as ABC, you do not have to sweat and get worked up to start such a simple task. A detox diet plan ought to arouse your interest as you are looking at the possibility of boosting your immune system as you get rid of toxins. As such, your body becomes tougher to disease-causing organisms, and your recovery time becomes shorter thanks to the detox diet plan. 

A simple way of starting a practical detox plan is first analyzing your current diet and identifying the items you need to get rid of and what you need to incorporate in the new menu. However, it is advisable to avoid making sudden changes to your diet plan to give your body time to adjust. Choose on what to eliminate every week, starting with simple food items as you progress to hard foods. For instance, you could choose to cut your caffeine intake on week one. Week two started cutting on carbs as you progress on more addictive foods and drinks. 

Although sick persons stand a chance of gaining the most from healthy detox plans, they need to be careful in their approach. This is because their bodies are already weak, and they need to be gentler with their bodies to avoid more health complications. It is not a do or die thing; hence you need to approach the whole detox plan with ease to give your body enough time to adjust. Besides, it is essential to consider the use of herbs in the detox plan to give your immune system more boost. 

Lean Body Hacks Golden Ratio Detox Tea

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Unlike other companies that allow fruits and other products ripen while on transit, we get all our raw materials direct from the farm when they are ready for use. As such, our cocktail is packed with maxim nutrients just as you would get it from the farm. This is achieved by instructing our farmers only to pick the herbs when they are fully ripe to ensure zero nutrient loss. The result is having our clients get maximum nutrients from every drink they consume from us, and you could be the next happy client. 

The lean body hacks golden ratio detox tea not only boost your immune system but also makes you more energized. As a result, you experience less fatigue as your metabolism gets supercharged. Besides, as the tea helps in boosting your energy and immunes system, making you feel youthful, your bones get stronger as it comes packed with lots of iron and calcium. Consequently, you get more energy for your regular workouts. 

silhouette of personr

Enhanced sleeping patterns are another benefit of lean body hacks golden ratio detox tea you cannot ignore. Sleeping becomes easy as you experience healthy weight loss from the enhanced digestion and energy boost for workouts. The colon cleanses tea helps in cleaning up lots of other organs in the body. Taking one glass in the morning helps in giving the limitless body benefits that you cannot ignore. Besides, the ease of preparation makes it the best morning option, as you do not waste a lot of time considering what to mix and what you left out. 

Friendly Foods to Detoxify Your Body

If you look forward to having a healthy lifestyle, consider foods to be your number one detoxifier. Organic foods are the best consideration, as you do not get to add more chemicals to your body in the process of eliminating chemicals from your body. Besides, take lots of water to help your body get rid of toxins. Your liver and kidneys need lots of water to get rid of foreign elements from your blood.  Be smart in what you take as the American Association of Nutritionist recommends a personalized approach to choosing your diet plan. Here is a collection of some of the best foods to incorporate in your diet: 

  • Garlic & Ginger 
  • Vegetables 
  • Fruits
  • Higher fiber foods

Smart Approach

Though the foods listed above appear harmless, you must consult your nutritionist when to ensure you get what your body needs most. Besides, an expert will help you choose herbs and supplements to help your body detox quickly while considering your current health condition. Getting a smart approach when choosing your natural body to cleanse plans enables you to get a holistic solution to the problem and prevents further complications. For instance, while cleaning your body from toxins, it is vital to strengthen your immune system. 

Colon Detox

Some people tend to take straightforward solutions to clean the body; in the process, they neglect cleaning vital organs such as the colon. Other people refer to colon cleansing as colonic irrigation. Although colon cleansing involves drinking lots of water and taking laxatives to flush out toxins in the bowels, some extreme conditions will need a tube to insert into the rectum to give it a thorough clean up. 

As such, though cleansing may be an easy task, you need to consult your doctor to ensure the job is thorough and sufficient. Any underlying medical issue should be considered when making a colon cleansing. Taking a colon to cleanse tea is also highly recommended for an easy swipe at the accumulated waste at the colon. However, always start from the less complicated approaches and advance to sophisticated colon cleansing techniques to give your body time to adjust. 

Daily Detox

If detoxing for you is more of a lifetime thing as opposed to a onetime event, you need to take a daily detox plan. Such an idea is simple as it involves checking what gets to your body regularly. Besides, you control what gets to your skin as some of the skincare products in the market today contain many harmful ingredients that will work against your healthy routine. Thus, if you are looking to embrace a daily detox program, you need to check every aspect of your life to rip maximum benefits from your efforts to live healthily. 

Ease Your Appetite for Sugary and Processed Foods

According to recent research on health crises globally indicated sugary and processed foods are a leading cause of the predicament. As such, easing your appetite though challenging, is your next detox plan to boost your immune system and ensure you have a clean body. 

Obesity, cancer, and other chronic diseases are linked to taking the two. Heart diseases and diabetes are examples of lifestyle diseases directly related to taking processed and sugary foods. The disorders prevent your body from functioning optimally and hampers some organs from executing their primary roles. 

For instance, taking beverages rich in sugars is likely to damage your liver, kidney, and pancreas. A fatty liver is one condition that prevents your river from playing its role and eventually leads to excess fat build-up, which will cause diabetes eventually. Deciding to consume less junk food plays a vital role in helping your body detoxify naturally, leaving your gut healthy. 

The first step towards taking fewer junk foods involves leaving them at the store shelf. Not having the meals in your kitchen takes away the desire two-fold. However, you have to replace the excitement of junk foods by choosing healthy foods to cover up for any nutrient loss and cravings. 

Rise Your Appetite for Antioxidants Rich Foods

Antioxidants are components that help in protecting your body cells from damage by free radicals. When the free radicals accumulate in your body, you suffer from a condition called oxidative stress. Your body from normal cellular activities such as digestion produces free radicals. Nonetheless, tobacco, alcohol, and poor diet produce excess free radicals. 

By hampering your typical cellular damage, the molecules can lead to several health complications such as heart disease, asthma, cancer, and liver disease. As such, you will need to watch your diet to ensure you eat foods that help your body in fighting oxidative stress and other toxins than raise your risks of getting sick. 

Hence, eat foods rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, lutein, and selenium, as they are rich in antioxidants. Berries, green vegetables, cocoa, nuts, fruits, and green tea are some of the best foods to consume to help your body fight the free radicals. 

Prebiotics Rich Foods

Securing your gut health is an essential component of detoxification. However, your intestinal cells have a natural ability to detoxify the excretion system from toxins and chemicals. However, gut health commences with prebiotics, which is a type of edible fiber that nourishes healthy bacteria in your gut. 

If left unchecked, the good bacteria are depleted, and your gut becomes inefficient in digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body. As a result, the immune system weakens, making detoxification hard as the body is not functioning optimally. Eating tomatoes, bananas, garlic, oats, and asparagus will go a long way in keeping your body healthy. Besides, avoid regular intake of antibiotics and other chemicals to keep your digestive system healthy. 

10 Benefits of Detoxing

Having checked on detoxifying techniques, let us have a look at some of the apparent benefits of detoxifying your body regularly. 

1. Weight Management

If you are looking for a sustainable way of losing weight, detoxing is one of the best techniques as your body gets rid of the excess fats naturally without having to strain. Detoxing is a long term weight plan to manage your weight as it empowers your body to work at its best as it not only ensure you lose weight but stay there. 

person standing on white digital bathroom scale

One of the most fundamental benefits of detoxing is it does not give a quick fix to weight loss, but comes loaded with benefits and habits for a healthy future. So even when you are done with your detox plan, you should maintain the healthy habits for a better future. 

2. More Energy

Experiencing an energy boost in running your daily chore is one of the most noticeable benefits you will experience. Who does not want to fight fatigue and experience more energy when spending time with family and carrying on with the demands of the modern world?  Detoxing takes away excess sugars and caffeine that often cause a crash in your energy, leaving you with stable energy levels for your daily chores. 

3. Healthy Organs

Some of the detox plans you will take are tailored to target specific organs, which helps in keeping your body clean. It purifies your organs enabling them to function at optimum levels. Though you may seem healthy, getting a detox plan for your kidneys, liver, and colon is one of the best gifts you can accord your body as you prolong their healthy life. 

4. A Better Immune System

Since detoxification involves taking off harmful elements from your body, consequently reducing your organs workload, your body gets more energy to fight illness. You get to absorb more nutrients such as Vitamin C, which guarantees a healthy immune system. Besides, if your detox plan is founded on taking herbs, your lymphatic system gets a boost as you get toxin-free. 

5. Clean Breath

Though taken for granted, having a clean breath gives many signs on the condition of your health. When your system is clean, fresh breath is inevitable as your body can get rid of toxins that contaminate your smell. However, keep in mind during the detox process, your breath could get worse as the body flushes out hidden toxins. 

6. Bright Skin

Your skin is the largest body organ, and its heath is often associated with body products that we apply on it. However, its health starts with what you eat and drink. If you neglect to take enough water in your body, then you are likely to experience dry skin and rushes. However, some detoxes involve a visit to the sauna, which help in fixing some of your skin problems as clogged dirt on your pores gets wiped out. Besides, some diet plans can help you achieve the same results, as your body will sweat continually, cleaning off any dead skin and dirt on the surface.

7. Improved Brain Health

Detoxing your body is associated with better memory and clearer thoughts. This is because the benefits of detoxing are not limited to physical, but also mental and emotional. Besides, you can incorporate medication into your detox plan to help in your brain health. Sugar crashes are not the best for your brain health as that translates to energy loss and dizziness that affect your mind. A comprehensive detox plan is vital in addressing such conditions your diet serves to address such inefficiencies. 

8. Improved Hair Health

woman wearing gray dress shirt standing near white wall

Getting a shiny, healthy hair is an important goal for most people, and you can achieve that by detoxing your body. Your hair follicles need appropriate nutrients for your hair to grow and maintain its dark color and avoid hair breakage. Toxin build-up in the skin and other organs will lead to dry and broken hair that is not as shiny as you would desire. 

9. Youthful Look

Getting old is a beautiful thing, but you don’t have to appear older than your actual age. Detoxing is vital in making your skin look youthful as it helps in fighting free radicals that cause your skin cracked. 

10. Better Appetite

Though most people tend to associate detoxing with better herbs that you won’t enjoy eating, modern techniques ensure you get a friendly regime that boosts your appetite, allowing you to enjoy your meal.  

The reality is detoxing boosts your appetite as your guts get to work on digestion and absorption of your food, leaving you hungry. However, this does not mean that you won't experience sugar cravings cut from your desires. Detox gives you a connection between what you take and what you need boosting your appetite. 

Detoxifying and boosting your immune system

When enrolling for a detox plan, always stay focused on the results. You are likely to experience cravings and, at times, give in to some of them, but do not give up on pursuing your goals.  Besides, consider regular exercise to keep your body strong and healthy. 

Take supplements such as  Lean Body Hacks Detox Tea


Be deliberate in eliminating some foodstuffs from your diet to ensure you do not add more chemicals to your systems as you work to remove toxins from your body. Keep off sugars and foods loaded with preservatives and additives to attain the best results from your detox program. 

Finally, maintain a healthy lifestyle and focus on eating organic foods as much as possible. People who enjoy benefits make the detox diets part of their daily life for the lasting effect of the program and a boost of the immune system.