Supercharge with Super Greens Powder: And Why you Should Take Them

Supercharge with Super Greens Powder Why you Should Take Them

We sure love poutines and KDs! I mean, who doesn’t like to order these visually appealing French fries and delectable mac and cheese? I’m sure I do! Fast food has already been a part of everyone’s lives that most people often ignore and do away with healthy home-cooked meals. With the expeditious increase in people consuming fast food, it has become a way of life for some. This alarming information is enough for any nutritionist to suggest taking alternative health supplements, like a super greens powder.

If you ask me, I can’t start my day without indulgent foods. I love my butter tarts early in the morning. And isn’t it great if you pair it with coffee, eh? That has been my routine every single day. I go off to work and I always make sure to drop by Timmies for my daily shot of calorie and caffeine.  But sometimes, I wonder if this kind of lifestyle would take a toll on me. I mean, I am not getting any younger. A nutritionist’s suggestion may have to be a good idea after all.

What are super greens powders?

I’d be lying if I say I have been a good child to my mother. She used to coerce me to eat my broccoli and other leafy greens on my plate. So, I was forced to swallow them. But the truth was, I would only pretend that I did but I just fed them to our dog that, by surprise, eagerly chewed and swallowed them. Yes, I was quite a naughty kid back then and I never admitted to my food crimes! I am the living testament of the child (among the many!) who cheated on her leafy greens. So don’t be too sure that your son or daughter now wouldn’t do exactly what I did!

Simply put, a super greens powder is super green in its condensed form. It is your household green leafy vegetables which are dehydrated and are commonly freeze-dried so they can become a health supplement mix. Think of those green leafy vegetables that you used to hate eating when you were young; now, put them all together and mince them finely until you get the powdered goodness of a superfood. They are packed with the best nutrients to help our body fight free radicals and infections.

Not sounding too nerdy (I hope) but super greens belong to that group of plant-based greens under the cereal grass and algae family. According to dieticians, super greens include your regular leafy greens such as kale, spinach, barley, spirulina, and yes- my not so favourite, broccoli.  These are the usual ingredients that can be found in a super greens powder. But some concoctions include other ingredients such as algae and important enzymes that help in the body’s digestion and metabolism. 

Benefits of super greens

Super greens provide the ultimate source of vitamins and nutrients down to a T! But don’t just take my word for it! Even doctors agree that super greens provide a plethora of benefits that your body needs to stay strong and healthy. Since they are a mix of different healthy greens, each wholesome and nutritious, it is like Captain Canuck (sorry, I’m a bit of an old-school comic lover here) getting help from his superhero friends. Imagine all those superheroes supercharging your body to stay in its optimum health and resistance. Wouldn’t that sound great?

A lot of adults still find it difficult to take their vegetables. That explains the popularity of fast-food chains. We can’t blame them though. Fast foods flirt to our palates and raw vegetables can be quite a snob when it comes to our taste. It can be hard to sweet-talk you to be more excited in taking your required leafy green intake if I can’t share you their benefits:

Super greens provide an alkaline effect.

The human body normally maintains to have a healthy pH balance. The pH level is a scale that is used to measure the basicity or acidity in our body. The ideal pH level should be around 7.35 to 7.45 which is categorized as neutral, having the same characteristics as that of pure water. Having a pH level below that range makes you acidic or you have a high acid level. On the other hand, having a pH level beyond such a range makes you basic or you have a high alkaline level. Having a 0 pH level makes you extremely acidic and can be likened to that of a gastric acid while having a 14 pH level makes you extremely basic and can be likened to that of a concentrated alkaline solution.  This chart will give you a clearer view of the whole concept.

While it may be true that our body needs to have a yin-yang balance of acidity and alkalinity, studies show that if the body is too acidic, it is more susceptible to diseases. An acidic pH body has even been linked to cancer. Mind you, foods that trigger low pH levels are fries and the all-time favourite, macaroni-and-cheese. They also include soft drinks, processed meat, and bread. What a sad day for fast food lovers, eh?

Thankfully, super greens are alkalizing. It helps the body regulate to make it more alkaline; thus reducing the level of acid which is normally associated with various health risks. Since most modern foods are usually highly acidic, it is only but fitting to take in foods or supplements that will counter acidic foods.

Super greens are rich in phytonutrients.

Uh-oh. Phyto-what? Before I bore you with medically highfalutin terms, let me just cut to the chase as you only need to know this: Phytonutrients are natural chemicals that are contained in plant-based foods that are known to protect our body from various infectious diseases. Super greens practically bathe in phytonutrients. So, what more can I say?

Super greens are a healthy source of protein.

It’s a common misconception that you can only get good protein from meat. But meat is highly acidic. Does this mean that we have to give up on protein to adapt to a healthy way of life? Wrong.

Protein is as important as any other nutrient. They can be commonly acquired in animal products. But don’t you know that protein can also be found in plant-based green vegetables, particularly in super greens? Spirulina, alfalfa grass, and artichokes are some of the green vegetables that are high in protein.

Super greens are a rich source of fibre.

Having a rich fibre intake has been significantly known to lose weight. It is important for our body because it helps our intestines to move and digest much faster. Furthermore, it also helps in decreasing our body’s capacity to absorb sugar. So, for the diabetics out there, super greens send their love!

Super greens help you move your bowels regularly.

Sorry to go into the poo-taboo but the reality is, as much as we don’t want to talk about it, we still need to openly discuss this health wise.

It is always important to have a good clean colon. Not emptying your colon regularly means that digestive wastes stay longer in our system. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my poop to nestle comfortably for days in my colon! They should be out the soonest time possible!

Super greens are rich in fibre that, feces to easily pass through the digestive intestines. That way, we all can have a je fais caca (for lack of a better word) mantra on a “daily basis”.

Super greens promote better gut health.

There is a close interrelation between gut health and diet. That is why it is important to avoid high fat and highly processed foods. Super greens help our body absorb all the nutrients that we eat because of the digestive enzymes that help break them down.

The digestive enzymes contained in super greens essentially help in ensuring that our gut does its job in breaking down the food that we eat and at the same time, allow the body to absorb all the nutrients contained therein. Think of it as your trusted garburator - it breaks down all the hard stuff so those things can easily be flushed away.

While it is true that there is no clear and established definition for gut health, a healthy gut indeed means a healthy immune system, improved brain function, and enhanced digestion. Generally, it is the absence of any diseases and infections. It’s amazing how vast the myriad of medical benefits you can have in just a simple super greens.

Super greens promote weight loss.

I know that we’ve all been down this road before. We want to lose weight, we look for weight loss products. However, most weight loss products can be outrageous and overrated! We’ve all had our hopes up and got disappointed with various weight loss products that don’t seem to work. It’s about time that we find ourselves a good weight loss supplement that works!

Yes, super greens promote weight loss-- and this is real talk here! Other weight loss products guarantee us to lose weight at the expense of other potential health risks. Some were reported to have increased blood pressure, headache, and insomnia, among others. However, with super greens, it deals with the very core of weight loss and that it manages your intake of calories without sacrificing your nutrient intake. Moreover, since they are rich in fibre and can promote gut health, weight loss will naturally come as an added effect.

Super greens kill off your cravings.

And may I add yet another good feature about super greens which help in promoting weight loss? Super greens can also kill cravings. Hypothalamus can be so conceited! It is that part of our brain that is responsible for controlling craving and hunger. Craving and hunger are 2 entirely different species. While we may not be so hungry, the hypothalamus sends a signal that we still want to eat which thus explains the cravings. Cravings are merely mind-hunger and the culprit behind it is the hard-to-please hypothalamus.

However, with the help of super greens, your body fully absorbs all the nutrients that we eat making it not want for more. Super greens have their way of pleasing the great hypothalamus because it keeps the latter fully satisfied so it won’t throw a tantrum and crave.

Super greens provide you your daily vegetables.


Super greens are like clever moms. Instead of telling their kids to eat their vegetables straight away, super greens, in the form of a  greens powder, can easily be mixed with water so it can be ingested easily. You can even fool yourself into thinking that you are only taking your daily supplements. But the truth is, you are eating spinach, spirulina, parsley, or kale -- all condensed in powder. 

Super greens offer more than what multivitamins could.

You may say that you don’t need your super greens because you already have your daily dose of multivitamins. However, to compare super greens to a multivitamin is like comparing a Ferrari to a pick-up truck. 

There is nothing natural about multivitamins because they are mainly synthetic. This means that multivitamins are manufactured in a pharmaceutical laboratory so they may serve as an identical or enhanced counterpart of any natural substance. However, super greens are the real ones! Super greens are dense with nutrients so it can be more bioavailable for the body. 

Bioavailability refers to how quickly a certain substance can take effect by entering the body system without difficulty until it reaches the desired area it needs to target. It may corollary refer to how well a certain substance is absorbed in the system and thus rendering such substance to be effective. With super greens, it has a high rate of bioavailability in the body which means that the nutrients it contains can easily be absorbed as it enters the body’s circulatory system. The synthetic nature of multivitamins, on the other hand, makes it hard to be absorbed readily in the body as it has to be broken down until the very core nutrients will be acquired. By then, such nutrients may already be too minimal and thus would only provide a minimal effect in the body. This has a poor bioavailability rate which makes super greens to be highly preferred than that of multivitamins.

Super greens boost energy.

We are now living in a fast-paced world. Everything is quick and instant from fast foods to busy schedules. Would you allow yourself to be left out?

That is why we need to have energy so that we may be able to keep up. I, for one, need energy 24/7! It is something that I need to have with me while I work, while I’m with my kids, or when I’m simply out on a recreation. 

With the help of super greens through super greens supplement, we can be provided with a steady threshold of energy daily. It does not only serve as a fleeting spike of energy but it can give us a consistent lay on energy that we all need. Super greens contain slow-release carbs and proteins that promise energy throughout the day (and night, if you may!). Our body needs slow-release carbohydrates because they allow the level of our blood sugar to be more stable especially during the in-between meals. This will keep up satiated while at the same time, still feel energetic and strong.

Super greens reduce bloating.

Super greens are good in bringing your belly groove back! Super greens not only have anti-inflammatory properties but they are also rich in fiber. Both work best in reducing bloating. Since they also promote gut health, having a flat tummy is an added effect.

The list can go on. Have I sweet-talked enough? I’m glad I got your attention. Surely with all these benefits and more, there should be nothing that would stop you from getting your very own super greens for your general health and welfare.

Greens Nutrition: A powerful supergreen supplement

In this present day and age, a lot of people (myself included) have been consuming fast foods which are mainly fats and protein. We tend to ignore that we also need to have our intake of vegetables and fruits. As a result, we become more vulnerable to various diseases. It is about time that we defend ourselves with a powerful weapon in a handy compact! Greens supplements are proven to normalize the balance in our body so we can have good health, more energy, and optimum resistance.

Unlike other food supplements, the greens powder from Greens Nutrition is the most effective. You can’t go wrong with spirulina, barley, broccoli, and all other green and leafy vegetables! The reason why they are powerful is that they are the most nutritious. Since they are not synthetically manufactured, the nutrient is still there-- and it is as dense and as full as ever.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about these supplements being exposed to harmful chemicals. Rest assured that they are gluten-free and all-natural. This may not replace the raw vegetables (of course, nothing beats the original!) but if you like to have your daily intake of nutrients, they serve as the best option.

Advantages of taking Greens Nutrition

Super greens are great food supplements. Given the diverse and manifold benefits, it is not surprising that they have already caught the mainstream demographic. Indeed, more and more people are now into taking super greens. If you weren’t one of them, consider yourself having joined the bandwagon after reading all those benefits that were listed here. Surely, we all want to be healthy and happy, eh?

But I will tell you what the rest of the doctors would: Not all super greens supplements are created equal.

As a valued tax-paying customer, even we need to be picky when it comes to choosing the best super greens powder. We all want the best for our health, not “just ok” or “just right”. Today, we can’t afford to be mediocre when it comes to our health. Thus, we must find only the best super greens supplement.

But I’ll just narrow down the search for you… into one: Greens Nutrition. It has all the right reasons why this should be your chosen supplement. Their powerful ingredients include:

Ginger Root

Ginger root has had the longest history line of treating various gut problems. It has been used mainly to improve digestion.

Shiitake mushrooms

This might be the only fungus that is worth the love! Shiitake mushrooms have been proven to improve adrenal functions and play a vital role in providing energy for the body.


Spirulina is a form of algae that helps in boosting the body’s immune system. 

Acai Berry

Acai berry is one of the best antioxidants ever which promotes the optimum overall function of the body.

Is drinking super greens good for you?

First off, it doesn’t look as queasy as it tastes. Don’t let the light green color scare you. You might be surprised that it is not as off-putting as you think. It has a rather bland taste. That is why it can be best mixed not only with water but also with your favourite OJ.

Greens Nutrition is the closest that you can have to take the actual super greens. It is best mixed with water or your favourite beverage so you can take in all the nutrients that it has to offer. Because of its great bioavailability feature, your body can easily absorb such nutrients when drinking it. 

When should I drink super greens?

We all want to start our day right. You don’t want to wake up at the wrong side of the bed, eh? Ideally, the best time to drink super greens is when they are consumed early in the morning.

There is a great tendency our body will turn acidic as the day progresses given the foods that we eat. It is therefore fitting to alkalize the body first thing in the morning with a greens drink.

But I’m not saying that that’s the only time of the day that you will drink it. Whenever you feel like it throughout the day, you can drink a glass or two. Who’s stopping you?

Be healthier and leaner with super green powder

That’s right. We are not getting any younger. But we can still become healthier as we age. Being healthy is the pinnacle of quality of life. And for a body to be healthy, we must make sure that we get the right nutrition on a daily basis either by taking vegetables or greens drink.

Super greens are the superheroes in our food pyramid. They have the special powers to boost us with antioxidants and a better immune system. And the best way that we can take them is through super greens powders. 

But we still need to find the best among the best. With Greens Nutrition, rest assured that you will have the quality and the nutrition that it promises for you.

Stay healthy everyone!